Ohhh, do not feed me bread, let me experiment !;) Today decided to "attach" a pack of mozzarella - and, voila, - a variation on the theme of "caprese" Why the variation?) Because instead of pesto (there was no parmesan .. yes, then freshness!) made the sauce # gremolata!
For flash mob # beautiful_photo_pp from @alenakogotkova and @ nika5546
The sauce recipe: a bunch of parsley (cilantro / basil), a peel of 1 lemon (rub), a small clove of garlic, salt, black pepper (other favorite seasonings) to taste, olive oil (I took mustard - awesome!) - all this in a blender to homogeneity. You can add a little water for a more liquid consistency. Serve with salads, meat, fish, chicken, pasta

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