Patissonovna in the jacuzzi
Oh, and I like to slip my hands on the water, sprinkling water))) Laughs, squeals like a piglet!)) # Sonya_cock_enot
In general, I wanted to tell you about our diet (this can not be called a lure - it's already MENU!
There's Sonia already almost everything (all from the list of foods under the banner of a proper / healthy diet).

About the "general" table: while I'm preparing Sonia separately. So it's easier for me to feed her (food in the form available to her). Nevertheless, I try to try different foods from the table: I recently ate fish (salmon baked), gave it to me, ate a few slices, it was evident that I liked it;) I give pancakes, cheese cakes, casserole, I like it and eat it. All this in my performance without sugar, I do not want to introduce it into the diet at an early age.
When did your children cross the common table? Have you started eating with a spoon?

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