It has long wanted to tell you about this Georgian snack (especially since recipes snacks I have not had for a long time :). Pkhali I tried for the first time in Georgian restaurant a few years ago. The first impression: you do not know what it is made ... but the receptors are crazy - it's very tasty!

Pkhali - unusually fragrant dish, which is based on the mass of vegetables (can be used completely different: green beans, eggplant, cabbage, beets and so forth.) In combination with nuts, spices and spicy greens.

Recipes pkhali really dozens, and there is no single rule, from what ingredients to cook. It's a matter of taste.

Prepare pkhali very simple: affordable products, the process takes a minimum of time. And the result is, I assure you, is worthy of the holiday table! Be sure to cook this dish for New Year

By the way, if you keep the post, you will certainly have to evaluate pkhali. The dish is hearty, tasty and undoubtedly useful.

I want to share with you with two options for the preparation of this snack (and could not decide which is more tasty and I like more). Pkhali spinach and beans. In general, try and decide for yourself!

Pkhali spinach: a recipe


  • spinach (fresh or frozen) - 400-500 g;
  • walnuts - 100 g;
  • coriander - a big bunch;
  • Garlic - 1-2 cloves;
  • hops-suneli - almost complete 1 tsp;
  • pomegranate seeds - for decoration;
  • chilli* - taste;
  • salt and black pepper - to taste.

*Если не любите острое, чили использовать не обязательно. Ориентируйтесь по своему вкусу.


If using frozen spinach, then simmer it in a skillet until tender (5 minutes) until all the moisture has evaporated.

If you have fresh spinach, drop into boiling water, cook 2 minutes and fold in a colander until the water is drained.

Place all ingredients in the bowl of a blender and chop. A smooth uniform consistency to achieve is not necessary, the structure should be slightly heterogeneous.

Roll small balls hands, garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Pkhali can be served immediately, but can be a little cool.

Pkhali Bean

Prepared exactly the same ingredients as the pkhali spinach, only based snacks - cooked beans (yes, plain white or needle - NOT matter). It will also need 400-500 g (ready-made).

Beans boil until tender, cool.

Place all ingredients in the bowl of a blender and chop. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Roll the balls and garnish with pomegranate seeds on top.

Be sure to try this Georgian dish - it's fantastically tasty and healthy!