Probably everyone at least once tried pies (or pie) From the famous bakery Stolle. The recipe for the most delicious dough bakers, of course, did not disclose :) But through trial and error, I awaited the result was still achieved, and the cake has turned a hair's breadth, as in Stolle: Butter yeast dough slightly sweeter than normal (when it comes to savory pies ), porous and flavorful, it literally melts in your mouth!

The second key point - the dough into a thin Stolle cakes and filling at the same time a lot! Be sure to follow this rule when baking pies (either sweet or hearty), for bakery, where a lot of dough and filling enough, already does not look so attractive.

And the third point - the need to use fresh yeast necessarily and self dough should "approach» 2 times. But do not let that confuse the process is not complicated and does not require special skills.

Following all the rules, you get incredibly delicious cakes with every filling, the most important thing - as in Stolle! The recipe, I hope, will move to your bookmarks and will be the favorite, the best recipe for yeast dough

P.S. Ах, да, забыла добавить: по этому рецепту можно готовить и маленькие пирожки с капустой, мясом, рыбой, яблоками. Эксперименты приветствуются!

Pies in Stolle: recipe for the most delicious dough

Ingredients (for medium 2 cake / pie):

  • wheat flour / s - 450 g;
  • milk (warm) - 260 ml;
  • Fresh pressed yeast - 12 g;
  • yolks - 3 pieces;
  • butter (room temperature) - 90 g;
  • sugar - 45 g;
  • salt - 10 of


Dissolve yeast in warm (not hot!) Milk. Allow to stand for a few minutes.

Sift flour and salt, adding yeast with milk, egg yolks. Knead the dough (or hand mixer using a kneading on slow speed). First, it will be sticky, and minutes later 10-12 becomes smooth and elastic.

In a separate bowl whisk a little butter and sugar until smooth.

Portions add oil to the dough, knead continuing (by hand or mixer at medium speed). First, the dough can begin to "flake", but after a minute 5-7 again becomes smooth and uniform.

Once the dough has become "brilliant", tighten the bowl with cling film and leave to 2 hours at room temperature (or slightly warmer).

After obmyat bit (yes, the dough will increase in 2 times and become porous) and remove the "income" in the fridge for 2-3 hours (but can be longer, as you wish). This point, I think most advantage of this recipe: it can be for a specified time and to prepare the stuffing (even 2 kind!), And dinner to cook, and to clean the kitchen!

In general, all a mess: knead, let stand 2 hours at room t °, and after - in the refrigerator until the filling is ready, or until it's inspiration

Готовое тесто разделить на 2 части – из них у вас получится 2 закрытых пирога/кулебяки! Выпекайте их 30-40 минут при 180 градусах или меньше, в зависимости от вашей духовки.

And if you want the finished dough can be frozen and stored in a freezer (at least after the thaw 10 hours in the fridge).