Are increasingly confronted with the fact that friends, acquaintances, and even blog subscribers interested in how to properly and "painless" to embark on the path of healthy eating; ask what you need to know about proper nutrition for weight loss, what its principles are fundamental. How to eat right and "efficient" (and at the same time delicious!) Just to reduce weight.

Since I have already written about the many aspects of a healthy lifestyle (and food!) In the "Good to know"And"Myths about food"In this article, I want to dwell on it for weight loss issue" proper diet. "

И прежде всего хочу сказать: как бы это ни казалось скучно и нудно, но для похудения necessary calculate the daily calories (Based on your physical activity and data) and create 20% deficit. This figure and should adhere to. Remember to start losing weight, you have to spend more than they consume!

First, this calculation may seem very stupid pastime, but, believe me, after a few days, you will know exactly how many calories are in a chicken breast, cottage cheese, any rump (by the way, the weight and calorie content are always considered in the dry state, not in the ready!) in raw vegetables and greens (calories there is negligible).

Proper nutrition for weight loss: the essence and fundamental principles

Let's say your daily rate 1800 calories (that is not enough, believe me!). How to distribute them throughout the day, so as not to feel a sense of hunger and, on the contrary, do not overeat? And through what intervals you need to have (or on an "as I want")?

1. Прежде всего запомните: питаться желательно не менее 4-5 раз в день небольшими порциями. Считается, что именно split meals guarantee of good metabolic rate (metabolism), in which the body does not "stores" for the future, and tries to spend as much as possible, because He knows that at a certain time will receive the next portion of nutrients.

Meals should be every 3-4 hours (figure due to the fact that fats are beginning to be spent not earlier than 3 hours after the last meal, when the body begins to "feel" the energy deficit).

2. In between meals, be sure to drink water (except the deaf heard this simple rule: "Water is more important than the food") Based 30 1 ml per kg body weight (For example, I drink about 2h liters of water a day and weighs 56 kg).

So you start your day with a glass (or two) of water (cool or lukewarm), it is possible with a lemon. And only through 30-40 have breakfast minutes.

I also advise you to drink on an empty stomach 1 spoon (dessert or tablespoon) linseed oil. Do not be alarmed, "fat" - linseed oil, a storehouse of nutrients! The leader in content of Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6, which a person can get only from the outside, the body can not synthesize them!

Paradoxically, when the body will receive the necessary amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat metabolism is normalized (these acids and help the body to fight fat: butter splits it into glycerol and water and removes from the body, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol). A bonus you get healthy skin, nails, hair, and other "side" positive effects.

So, in the morning on an empty stomach, you drink a spoonful of oil, through 5-10 minutes - the water, and after embarking 30 minutes for breakfast.

3. We return to distribution of calories during the day.

If we talk about them a percentage, based on 5 meals, the person closest to me, such a scheme, taking into account the maximum power consumption in the first half of the day (Pinpoint: if your activity, on the contrary, increases in the evening, adjust the scheme for themselves: eat more carbohydrates in the afternoon, so that the body had the strength, and he was thereby replenish the resource):

  • Breakfast - 25% (30%) of the total daily energy intake;
  • Snack - 15%;
  • Lunch - 35% (30%);
  • Snack - 10%;
  • Dinner - 15%.

Регулируйте эти показатели, учитывая your activity during the day and other factors.

4. Products non gratae.

It is necessary to understand which products are "undesirable"* в системе правильного питания (что важно: это does not meanThat this list - a taboo. But 100% one: bringing these products to a minimum, you will be able to lose weight effectively, because their calorie is high enough, and they do not saturate a long time):

  • bakery products from flour, baking whole;
  • sugar in all its manifestations, sweets;
  • "Fast" (simple) carbohydrates (high glycemic index potatoes, white rice, etc.. See the table at the bottom of the page). Exception - fruit, but abuse them is also not recommended if you are in the active weight loss phase.
  • fried (about the dangers of fried food is available here);
  • fatty sauces (mayonnaise and pr.analogi);
  • fat meat / minced meat / meat preparations ALL;
  • fat dairy products (more than 9%). In short, you have maximum control over the use of animal fats.

*Of course, some of these products should not be used for the reason that nothing useful they will not let the body (it is a confectionery, almost all of which contain transfats, жирном и жареном, полуфабрикатах и пр.). But aboutсновополагающий принцип остается тем же — дефицит калорий!

Proper nutrition for weight loss: diet

I already wrote about it in one of his articles, but I repeat: 30% of all the calories you should be getting from proteins, 20% - from fats (mineral), 50% - from complex carbohydrates (ratio may vary based on the characteristics of the organism and your activity). So you will not feel hunger, and food will be comfortable for you, do not want to "gather additionally" calories from sweets and other junk foods.


So, we explain with specific examples. How should look like a perfect breakfast in the "correct diet food" system?

Ideally, it should combine complex carbohydrates (cereals from whole grains - not fast food cereals, whole-wheat flour / bread, bran) and protein (eggs, cottage cheese, lean meat / chicken / fish). Breakfast can add a small amount of essential fats (unroasted seeds or nuts, egg yolk, fatty red fish, avocados, unrefined oils).

To give specific examples:

Breakfast, option №1: овсянка, гречка, пшено (35-50 г крупы в сухом виде) + яйцо. Немного орешков/семечек (10 г).

Option №2: scrambled eggs (the eggs, add a little milk (optional) and a few spoonfuls of oatmeal / bran / whole wheat flour). Few vegetables, a couple of slices of avocado.

Option №3: сырники или запеканка (ограничьте количество сахара!). Предпочтительней запекать в духовке либо жарить на сковородке с антипригарным покрытием без масла. Помните, что в 100 мл масла почти 1000 ккал! Дополнить сырники можно греческим йогуртом (или сметаной — если «вписывается» в дневной кбжу) либо мягким творогом.

Option №4: useful pastries (Out of flax meal), perfectly combines proteins, complex carbohydrates and essential fats vegetable.

Option №5: cheese and bran (mix and leave to swell their 5-10 minutes). As a filling, topping you can use yogurt or fermented baked milk. Add some nuts, a little dried fruit (goji berries, prunes, raisins), or fresh berries.

I think the basic principle nutrition for weight loss понятен: СЛОЖНЫЕ УГЛЕВОДЫ (преимущественно) + БЕЛОК, вариаций десятки! Да, можно делать и полезные бутерброды, например, с красной рыбой, куриной грудкой, homemade liver pate.

I could continue to list the variations on the theme of the breakfast in a system of proper nutrition, but it will be easier to go to my page in Instagram and review them there :)


As for meal, by and large the same principles with only one modification: in the meal should be eaten basic protein (from what is necessary to eat per day!).

The perfect lunch: a complex carbohydrate (brown or red rice, buckwheat, beans, barley, millet, couscous, durum wheat pasta) 50-70 g dry, easily digestible protein (chicken, turkey, veal or beef, chicken liver, fish, squid and other seafood), vegetable salad (as a filling -. unrefined vegetable oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar).

Yes, vegetables as a source of dietary fiber has a must! That they are "clean" the body of toxins and impurities, also contributing to weight loss. What vegetables to eat? First of all, raw (any green, celery (stem and root), cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, radish, pepper, etc.).

Can I eat steamed vegetables (cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, etc.)? - Be careful, they often added a sufficient amount of vegetable oil, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, which significantly increases the calorie content. Fiber in them is almost no so good - at least. And it is logical that the glycemic index after heat treatment increases, keep in mind! Thus, almost no useless.

Speaking about vegetables that are not eaten fresh (broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower), I advise you to give preference to steamed, grilled or blanched. If you still simmer, then water. And remember that it is better to cook them "al dente" (even if they are not completely ready, but will remain slightly crunchy).


At first undershot You can afford a little bit of fruit. Fresh vegetables - a great option. You can eat some protein (cheese, quiches or cheesecakes), or drink a glass of sour milk / yogurt.

Drink a cup of coffee or tea with whole grain loaf. A handful of nuts is also possible to eat in the morning (remember that nuts are very fat and high-calorie product!).

second snack (Before dinner) - it's also fresh vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt.


Это в идеале белок (нежирные мясо/рыба/курица) и свежие овощи, зелень. Возможно подкрепиться нежирным творогом, омлетом. Желательно не употреблять быстрые углеводы на ужин (выпечку, фрукты с высоким гликемическим индексом), ведь по сути энергозатрат не предвидится (при условии, что вы не занимаетесь спортом после работы), и энергии просто некуда будет деться, с большой вероятностью непотраченные калории «уйдут» в жир.

Proper nutrition for weight loss: the glycemic index foods

If you read my previous article on the topic of proper nutrition, it is probably in this section do not learn anything new. But repetition is known to be the mother of learning :)

Why proper nutrition system for weight loss, this figure is so important? GI determines how fast carbohydrate foods are able to break down in the body and converted into glucose.

The higher the HI, the faster the product is able to turn to glucose and the faster rises in blood sugar. Pancreas in response begins to produce insulin. It is, firstly, regulates the level of sugar in the blood, preventing it from rising above a certain norm; Second, insulin promotes the distribution of sugar in the tissues and organs, creating energy reserves in the form of fat!

If the rate of glucose proceeds faster than the rate of insulin intake (when we eat a product with a high GI), the pancreas produces a second release of insulin, and it is much more than the first time. Because, as a result, the blood glucose level drops sharply, and we feel irresistible urge to eat again (and usually something nutrient and carbohydrate).

Здесь для вас formula is very simple: If the product is average or low GI, they are digested for a long time, gradually broken down and almost do not raise blood sugar levels. Your goal - to maintain blood sugar at the same level (products with low GI), then hunger will not "cover" you abruptly and often. But insulin is not to promote the conversion of excess sugar into fat!

Thus, Minimize carbohydrates, which the GOP above 60. Make a reservation: it is important not only for weight loss, but for a comfortable well-being (will not hunger assailed you often dramatically - as a result you will not overeat), digestive health in general. Of course, sometimes you can afford to and refined products, and sweet fruit, but they should be no more than 15% of the total amount of carbohydrates.

The basis of your diet should preferably be products GOP does not exceed 50. That is how you will lose weight "useful", and the body will be as comfortable as possible.

Below you can download таблицу ГИ, The most complete version of all. If a proper diet for weight loss and its principles for you is very important, the table is very useful to you.

Обращаю ваше внимание: в таблице нет таких продуктов, как, например, рыба, мясо, птица, яйца. Это белок, в них не содержатся углеводы, а потому их ГИ практически равен нулю.

Download the table glycemic index foods.

More complete and detailed menu diet with recipes for each dayAs well as counting calories cm. here.



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