They ran with Sophie from a walk. Fuh, there's heat. But, you know, I like this much more than the cold and woolen sweater that I did not take off half a summer
As always, I feed Sonia with one hand, I also build a lunch and wonder how lucky those who do not want to eat in the heat. I want to always ... Here from utretsa, while Sonya was cooking vegetables (pumpkin, a little zucchini, potatoes = mashed potatoes, beat it together with chicken breast pieces), quickly cooked the vegetables on the grill for themselves (eggplant, pumpkin, red onion) ... added a bit of macaroshkas - as a result, I have a stunned paste and a homemade pesto, of course. Without it all is not that, you can go there a couple of olives ... chili pepper to cut, necessarily green (I have thyme!) and will be very straight !!! #How is the world)
Ps So, by the way, I cook everything: either a grill (for 2 minutes on a frying pan on each side, or in the oven on the grill mode before browning), or carcass (like "a couple": just a little water to the bottom ... and up Its evaporation). But necessarily vegetables should be "al dente", otherwise it's not vegetables ... and vegetable porridge (((And egg-floating eggplant slices, too
And how do you prepare eggplant, other seasonal vegetables? Love?

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