On the eve of the summer - hot time in which, perhaps, most of all, we have to deal with the swelling. Not everyone knows that the causes of edema associated not only with an excess of water in the body, but rather a lack of it (as paradoxical as it may sound!).

Drink plenty of water and still swollen - possibly, the kidneys can not cope or heart began to fail. Of course, this problem should see a doctor. But above all, water is often delayed due to malnutrition и abuse of salt.

I propose to consider the most common causes of edema and to understand how they can be avoided.

Causes of edema: water shortage

Perhaps now unless deaf did not hear about that on the day you need to drink enough water (about 2h liters, to be exact - 30 ml per kg of your body weight), but not all follow this rule.

However, this water body needs (via its operating system and all of our cells), and if it is not supplied from the outside in the required quantity, the brain sends a signal to the body to store water. So, drinking very little water, you swell due to her chronic shortage (I'm not talking about the fact that this resource (ie, water) is very limited, and the body is forced to use the same water for cells, etc. . multiple systems that impairs the health and general well-being).

Conclusion one: drink, drink and drink water again (if no contraindications and kidney disease)! This will help to avoid many health problems (especially important for hypertensive patients, diabetics, people with impaired immunity, obesity and chronic diseases).

Drink little and often. Start your morning with 1-2 glasses of pure water on an empty stomach (it is possible with a lemon) for 30 minutes before a meal, as well as during the day in small portions (not earlier than 30 minutes before or after meals). So, your body will stop storing water for future use and the cause of edema is eliminated.

Causes of edema: diuretic beverages

Many people mistakenly believe that the diuretic beverages (all the alcohol, tea, coffee and so on. Caffeinated) help the body get rid of the "extra" water. Like, "I am with something swelling after yesterday, I'll drink a minute coffee, it will help to" merge "the water." No, it works NOT THIS WAY!

Since alcohol, tea / coffee lead to dehydration in the use of the brain receives a signal immediately: "Do not let the water go away." As a consequence, the body stores it again in swelling (Not giving it to withdraw from the body).

In other words, it is a double edged sword: on the one hand, drinking diuretic drink, we soon want to use the toilet (if the excretory system is running smoothly), on the other hand - the body, fearing dehydration (and the negative effects of alcohol, if diuretic drink was just it!) stores water that is required for him / remove toxic substances from the body, as a result of swelling are obtained.

How to prevent swelling or at least reduce the likelihood of them?

As for the coffee or tea, drink a glass of clean water for each drunk a cup of tea / coffee (Except for fixed daily allowance!). For every well 50 ml of alcohol should drink a glass of clean waterTo avoid intoxication and dehydration.

Swelling of the salt and sweet

As is known, one molecule binds 20 salt water molecules and accumulates in the fat cells. They, therefore, increase in volume, and there is a "weight".

Кроме того, организму требуется дополнительная вода, чтобы вывести «лишнюю» соль из тканей – снова приходится запасать. И снова замкнутый круг – отеки не уходят.

I know for myself: I ate a plate of sauerkraut, tomorrow on the scale wait gain (+ 500 r so sure). Of course, sometimes you really want, and many products from the category of salt needed by the body (red fish, hard cheese, sauerkraut), but still should not be abused. And, of course, do not forget to drink more water.

Чрезмерное употребление сладкого также может стать причиной отеков. Избыток сахара в рационе увеличивает уровень гормона инсулина в крови, что может стать причиной задержки в организме натрия, создавая порочный круг. Следствие: сладкое – очередная причина отеков. Будьте бдительны и ограничивайте потребление сахара и сдобных продуктов.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables, as many of them are rich in potassium (it is an antagonist of sodium!), Which helps to remove fluid from the body.

Swelling before menstruation

Causes swelling before menstruation associated with female sex hormones. Fluid builds up due to changes in levels of progesterone and estrogen. Last stimulates salt retention in the body, which leads to water retention and (the weight gain can be up to 2 kg!).

In addition, the cause of edema during menstruation could be a lack of vitamin V6 and / or magnesium, which are very important to maintain fluid balance in the body.

How to get rid of the swelling?

As I wrote above, drink more water. Strange as it sounds, but it is the water coming into the body, allowing the body to get rid of "stored" for the future of water.

Good tool - natural birch sap (of course, without sugar). He does not linger in the tissues and quickly brings salt and slag. Drink it three times a day over a glass, if you want to get rid of the swelling.

Oatmeal porridge and rice (no salt!) Will also help get rid of the swelling. The rice contains a lot of potassium - it displays the salt. For the same reason, a good way is bananas, cabbage and beet juice, dried fruit, pumpkin, squash, eggplant.

Physical exercise - a great way to get rid of the swelling. They speed up metabolism and help to bring the liquid through the sweat glands. And swelling go from muscle contraction (walking, running, and other aerobic exercise).

Yes, and perhaps the most important point - watch your diet! Avoid fast food, of meat products, sausages, fatty and fried foods, sugary drinks and simple carbohydrates. Eat small meals 4-6 times a day, drink water and I assure you will be able to forget about the swelling (or remember them very rarely :). Read more about nutrition here.

Here, perhaps, and all about how to get rid of the swelling quickly and effectively.