... Pripili here with a bucket of currants red and almost the same collected in the woods of the Irgi (you know this?), A colossally useful berry, you can read about it in the Internet ", besides, I really like it! In general, already that day, "withering" over these basins berry, in the sense of mercilessly eat them. I do not cook all kinds of jams, but here's a pie baked. It's very tasty (like with a streeze, only from it and the basis, and in the middle - berries ): fans of crumbles and other baked pastries will appreciate !;) To the best of sweet (or sugar can be completely reduced to nothing), and still can be completely lean (instead of s.v. oil perfectly suitable vegetable, ideally - coconut;). Recipe, if necessary, I'll write below, in the comments⤵️⤵️
Ps Recipes seasonal pies (! Such as frangipani () or rhubarb have in my food-hunter.ru✌️ site; their beauty is that any seasonal berry / fruit are ideal, improvise

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