About morning.
I like to get up early (early = before the rest of the family). Now I am especially grateful to this habit; I not even imagine how it would be bad enough, if I had to, breaking yourself waking up in 7.
In the morning it is important for me not in a hurry. My morning without the hassles of home, this time "for himself": to think, to rethink, to decompose in a fresh yet head are all on the shelves. Morning - is just mine. To sip your coffee, enjoy the peace, sun, rain or fog outside the window.
Now, this morning - rather rare, but on the more valuable it is. Increasingly, sharing it with his krohoy☺️ and insanely happy when it is "permeated" my idea, and still leaves me 10-20 minutes for my "meditation» ☺️ # sonya_kroshka_enot

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