I am sorry for, so to speak, # neumestnyyErotizm
And in general about the "indecent" - this, apparently, all day today is so ... I went, it means, to the store for a cucumber, and there it is (I thought I will not see her more this summer). Well, I went up to the tray, took a bag ... and let's warm up. And then I catch myself thinking that I'm warming up in a bag and I can not hold it - I put it in my mouth ... in a bag .. and in my mouth ... Such shame! But I can not do anything with myself !!! Nagrebla, I'm going to the cashier's office .. .fuf, like, let go! And then I pass by the chocolate, and as if by the current of the BAC - I need BRAUNI to bake ... in general, I'm faster at the cash register (until the whole cherry from the bag is not that ...). She wasted the dough for 7 minutes ... and walked around the oven like that guy, the blue one from "Sesame Street": "Siri, put the timer ... and how much time is left there?"
Yes, cucumbers and I, of course, buy zabyla
Ps the simplest recipe # brownies have a 1m photos by tag #eat2slim_brauni

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