I'll tell you about a delicious side dish that I discovered recently - puree ... But not simple, but .. from # peas and # mash'a at the base ... but that's not even all;) In general, so: peas and mung beans (you can replace the mache with lentils, or you can have one pea - so it's tasty, tested)) boil 40 minutes (pre-soak for a few hours). I, by the way, took beans 200 g (this is for 4 portions!). When they are ready, add a few large inflorescences of cauliflower or broccoli to a saucepan and a large handful of fresh (!) Frozen peas (it will give a very pleasant sweetish even milky flavor :). Cook another couple of minutes, turn it off (green peas should remain fresh, not boiled!). All blend with the blender until homogeneity (adjust the density to your own discretion - there must be some liquid in the pan), salt / seasoning to taste. When serving, you can lightly oil your favorite oil, it is highly recommended

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