You know the feeling when the breakfast you want something tasty, unusual, perhaps, sweet (as dessert :), but the mind says that breakfast cake or cake - this is the height of recklessness, because to start the day is with the 'right' carbohydrates! Then you come to the aid on rice pudding coconut milk.

In Thailand, where we are to spend their holidays, this is the first treat! There rice pudding with coconut milk and served to you in the morning instead of porridge, decorating it with fresh fruit and lunch (Dada, after the main meals as a dessert, supplementing it with chocolate frosting or watering), and even for dinner!

Cooking rice pudding just (the main thing - in advance to have time to cool down and "grab") ingredients - at least, but it differs from the usual porridge! Especially in the coconut "performance" - it's just a heavenly pleasure.

And another of his undoubted merit in the fact that this product is right for you, if you keep the post (which is now especially important). Taste, however, by a creamy coconut milk obtained expressive. I think children should treat this very much.

And rice pudding - a great way to "build out" the excess rice that you cooked for a side dish for lunch.

And another time (before I go directly to the recipe): Of course, you can use any rice, but perfect for a pudding with a creamy consistency - rice varieties Arborio (Generally it is used to prepare risotto) Or other round Fig. Also, rice pudding with coconut milk can be prepared from unpolished varieties - Brown, black, then your dessert will be as dietary and taste qualities at the same time I assure you, will not be affected!

Rice pudding with coconut milk: recipe


  • Arborio rice varieties (or another of your choice) - ¾ cup;
  • Coconut milk (untrimmed!) - 200-250 ml;
  • coconut - 3-5 tablespoons or to taste;
  • salt - ½ tsp .;
  • sugar, honey or syrup - to taste.


Rice rinse. Pour about two cups of cold water and boil 10-15 minutes to almost fully cooked (water in this case should be almost completely evaporated). Yes, if you use brown rice, you have to cook for a little longer (min.20), just blow the water if necessary.

When the rice is almost done (do not worry, if fully ready), add whole coconut milk. Season with salt and cook for another minute 10 over low heat until creamy consistency. If the rice has absorbed all the liquid, then before you remove from heat, add a little more - cooling off, rice will absorb the excess.

The amount of coconut milk in its sole discretion, adjust: you can add more, then the rice pudding will be more liquid. Keep in mind that even after you remove the rice from the heat, he will continue to absorb a liquid, and in a few hours will be noticeably thicker.

Add coconut, vanilla - on request. Sugar / honey - to taste, but even without them the taste of rice pudding is sweet!

Allow to cool slightly, then spread out on formochkam (bowls, ice-cream bowls, glasses). Wait until cool (ideally - overnight) and then apply only can cool or room temperature.

Garnish with rice pudding can be fresh fruit or berries (here fit and strawberries, and blueberries, mango, so whatever your heart desires), jam, chocolate chip.

Paradise delight you!