We must start, perhaps, from the fact that the same is now risotto. This is not a pilaf or rice porridge "in Italian," is a special dish with a special type of rice.

Dada, this point is fundamentally important: to cook risotto Italians use only three varieties of rice of all that exists in the world. Arborio (Arborio), vialone nano (Vialone Nano) and Carnaroli (Carnaroli) - they are stored in their beans secret cooking this dish.

Grains of these varieties contain high starch, which causes a mild creamy taste of the finished dishes and creamy texture. However, these rice varieties do not fall apart, it does not turn into a sticky lump or porridge, keeping a light "syrinku" inside favorite Italians and known as "al dente".

Конечно, вы можете попробовать приготовить ризотто и из других сортов риса (признаюсь, раньше я экспериментировала так не раз, а настоящий «правильный» ризотто сама приготовила впервые недавно), но это будет скорее копия, никак не оригинал. Но все-таки рис рису рознь, и только сравнив оба варианта, вы сможете понять, в чем разница.

Still, the most popular rice for risotto, of course, is Arborio. Since it turns out the most tender and creamy risotto. This is particularly fond of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Piemonte, where, by the way, and the best Arborio is grown in the world. I prepared a risotto with it.

Before you go directly to the recipe, except to say that with this dish you can experiment endlessly! Variations so that ALL of it is simply impossible to try: with vegetables and herbs (asparagus, pumpkin, green peas, saffron, spinach), fish and seafood, chicken, mushrooms, different kinds of cheese and even fruit. Variants of sauces and serve as a great variety!

So go ahead, determine its risotto, a favorite!

Risotto with spinach and shrimp, the original recipe

Ingredients (for 2 portions):

  • rice (arborio I) - 100 g;
  • onion - 1 pieces;
  • Oil (the original recipe - butter, I prefer to use coconut) - 1 tbsp;
  • chicken / vegetable broth or just boiled water - about 250 ml;
  • royal shrimp - 20-25 pieces;
  • wine white / pink powder - 100-150 ml;
  • spinach - 4-5 frozen cubes or a large bunch of fresh;
  • salt - ½ tsp;
  • lemon juice - to taste;
  • grated Parmesan cheese - optional.


First of all, I want to save you from mistakes: rice varieties mentioned above do not need to be washed before use! Moreover, pre-boil it, too, should not, risotto is prepared directly in the pan.

So, in order.

Shrimp (and spinach) pre-defrost, if necessary, cleaned.

Chop onion finely and sauté in oil until light golden brown, stirring constantly (1-2 minutes!).

Rice (dry) to send to the onions frying pan, spatula stir for a few minutes. Rice should be soaked in oil, absorb it.

After pour wine to the rice, reduce heat, stir constantly. Be careful: the wine evaporates quickly, so do not miss this moment, the rice is not burnt.

Once the wine is almost evaporated, add to the rice a little broth or water (not all at once!). The principle is that you add a little water, it evaporates, you add again. Constantly stir!

Cooking time - about 15-20 minutes. Try the risotto in the process, it is not necessary to overdo on fire!

When the rice is almost ready, the last small portion of the water / broth, add chopped spinach and shrimp. Season with salt. While stirring, simmer on low heat for a few minutes.

Do not let the rice has absorbed all the moisture and become dry! It should be a little wet, once again, with a creamy texture. Upon request, the end can be added to the already finished dish a little more oil.

Готовое ризотто перед подачей чуть взбрызните лимонным соком, также можно украсить ризотто зеленью, посыпать тертым пармезаном.

If the Italian cuisine has captivated you, be sure to try spicy wholegrain pasta with roasted pumpkin!

PS If you cook risotto for the first time, please note:

  • Risotto until ready to constantly stir, or it will burn. Do not neglect this rule.
  • To prepare a risotto with the other ingredients, it is important to know the time of their preparation. Since shrimp are prepared 3-5 minutes, it is better to send to the risotto, when the rice is almost ready, and here, for example, raw chicken, mushrooms prepared for longer, so they are easier to be put to the pan along with the onion.
  • Keep in mind that the rice for risotto (all of these varieties) has the unique ability to absorb all the flavors and smells of the products with which it is prepared. So beware, combining ingredients :)