Today my husband asked for mercy - to stop torturing cakes ... Well, ... someone should eat them up (no, their own one we just broke up once, but HOW they gave us them ... -have cry!)) ... in general, the husband pleaded for mercy "So today for breakfast - the most delicate coconut casserole (the recipe wrote more than once #eat2slim_zapekanysh #eat2slim_zapekanka), if interested - beware, I'll repeat;) And the legendary return of the HIT summer season of all refrigerators - # lazy Oatmeal (or # oatmeal to the bank) - just do not believe that there is someone who has not heard about it ... but if you are still on some ridiculous chance did not try, soon try! It's very tasty, it's useful ... it's comfortable with yourself and on the run ... ... for me, the best option for a summer breakfast: a hearty one, combining all the benefits of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Well, and advertising came out))) "BUY!"))) Your recipe for "night" oatmeal in the bowl) I'll write below⤵️⤵️ #eat2slim_ovsyanka_v_piale

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