Today for lunch quickly Soap-puree zabatsala. From meat / fish / chicken decided to rest (eat something from this set every day - mostly chicken / turkey / fish, I still have chicken liver sometimes, less meat), so today's "unloading" day)) with vegetable protein. For the last month, by the way, I cook lentils (sometimes mixing with peas or mache) already which time, I want it! Soup puree from it to cook very simply (quickly, it is not necessary to soak lentils!): Cook minutes 30, if water boils, add; after removing from the fire and blending with a blender. Salt, spices to taste. Water top up, guided by the desired density. If you like, you can add cream) I'm still in minutes 5 until ready to put a little broccoli or a little fresh (frozen) peas, it turns out such an oriental soup with a pronounced taste of lentils ... and spring notes of vegetables
❗️And here I have such a question❓: do you eat meat / chicken / fish, etc. every day? Or is there some sort of "scheme"? Those. is it necessary to have a "meat" presence, so to speak, for lunch or dinner or do you live without them? Do you replace this protein with anything if you do not eat?

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