Today's lacy morning reminded me of the main day of all schoolchildren and students - 1 September. White top, black bottom - unchanged classic. Although the class after 8 did not want to show off in any way, put on that colorful dress, then another "fashionable" new thing ...) But closer to the end of the school and at the university, I wanted to feel like a first-class club: lace socks, gladioli (I adore them ... and why they are almost not given now?), white blouses and pencil skirts☺️ I can not say that I was waiting for this day)), but the festivity of the event was felt! As it was in the university, I really do not remember. And when "1 September" ended for me (for the first time in many years!), This emptiness suddenly felt: "everyone is going, but I do not need" ... A very strange feeling. It seems that I stayed at the age when my last "1 September" was in a white blouse and with a bouquet in my hands "
Ps Recipe for useful wafers search on the site</s>. I, probably, still never prepared them for the same recipe)) #eat2slim_vafli

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