Probably wanted to make ice cream at home, or tried at least once every (remember, especially as a child?). However, from the frozen milk with sugar, it somehow never get :))

Semifredo (literal translation from Italian -. Poluholodny) - Traditional Italian dessert, which included always present fat whipped cream and berries, fruits, candied fruits, nuts, meringue or chocolate.

In fact, Semifredo is no different from the usual ice cream ... although there is, in my opinion, it is delicious :), and cook it the ice cream is very simple at home!

Prepare Semifredo often in great shape, and serves as a cake, slicing pieces. Sometimes, by the way, pour a variety of sauces: berry, caramel, chocolate.

Да, ниже я предложу вам классический рецепт семифредо. По нему вы можете приготовить итальянское мороженое дома, не отклоняясь от заданного списка ингредиентов, а можете легко заменить ягоды на любые фрукты, добавить кусочки шоколада, безе и прочего, чего вашей душе угодно.

Отмечу, что в этом рецепте я не использовала сахар (его легко можно заменить на stevia or honey / syrup) - due to its lack of homemade ice cream turned out quite low-calorie (though about double cream to forget all the same it is not necessary :).

If you are dieting and fat as a delicacy not fit into the daily norm KBZHU (calories / protein / fat / carbs), the diet ice cream recipe definitely to your taste. It is also possible to prepare "on the principle of" Semifredo: mix with nuts and berries in great shape, like a cake.

Semifreddo, or Italian ice cream at home: the recipe

Ingredients (for form, as in the photo):

  • cream (from 30%) - 350 ml;
  • eggs - 3 pieces;
  • any nuts - a large handful;
  • any berries - ½-1 glass;
  • sugar - to taste;
  • vanilla - to taste.


Cold cream whip for 1-2 minutes until fluffy and stable peaks. Take in the fridge - until you work with other ingredients, they do not need.

Eggs divide into whites and yolks. If you use sugar, then add it to the yolks and beat with a mixer. Weight should be lush, grow in volume and turn white. If you do not use sugar, do not add anything to the yolks (just whip mixer 1-2 minutes, until the mixture turns white - very lush, it is not!).

Proteins whisk (mixer spokes must be perfectly clean and dry!) ​​With a pinch of salt and up to stable peaks.

Gently stir with a spatula in the yolk whipped cream, and then protein mass. At this stage it is possible to add syrups /stevia (If you use them instead of sugar).

Send in the resulting mixture of fruit (or fruit pieces), nuts (can be chopped or whole), vanilla. Let me draw your attention: the berries should be free of excess moisture, so if you have them just washed, dry it with a towel to prevent ice crystals.

Prepare the form (ideal form of "brick", which is used for baking cupcakes or plastic container), it necessarily Cover the cling film.

Fill the form and send the resulting mass in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours.

Semifreddo, or Italian ice cream at home:

The ideal mix Semifredo through 20-30 minutes after you sent it to freeze. So ice cream "grab" at regular intervals.

To get the resulting dessert from the mold, enough to pull the ends of the film and turn the cream into the dish. The film then you can easily remove.

Serve Semifredo best, giving him a little melted (5-10 minutes). As I already wrote, you can pour the caramel dessert or chocolate, decorate jam or fruit.

Now that you know how to cook ice cream at home. I hope you will appreciate this simple recipe for ice cream and Italian traditional dessert will be one of the favorite!

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