Plum season in full swing (I had never even suspected that the sink is so beautiful in baking-be sure to try it!). It seems I ate so much already
Usually I make a casserole from the evening, and then spontaneously decided in the morning: a small portion, it happened quickly! And very, very tasty, like a cloud
Around 500 g soft curds (pasty), 2 eggs (yolks - for cottage cheese, whisk together separately until strong peaks with a pinch of salt), 1 st.lozhka manki, 1 st.l.sol.zolnozern.muki, a couple of spoons coconut. shavings. Mix everything, sugar / vanilla to taste, squirrels gently enter the spatula. Cut the plums into halves, mix it into the curd mass, put some on top. Bake ~ 40 min at 180-190 degrees
PS By the way, on the site one of these days laid out a recipe for a delicious pie with plums, he is ...

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