# Sonya_cam_on wishes you a good morning
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We start it (in the morning), as a rule, with porridge (I'm now talking about Sonya), she loves everything!) I do not cook only mango, rice (without salt it is generally tasteless, and it is not very good, as it was noticed, strengthens) . For lunch, he eats vegetables (steamed / steamed) in the form of mashed potatoes. Here, too, is omnivorous))), but especially respects variations on the topic "cabbage soup" (potatoes OR zucchini, cabbage, carrots, peppers!), "Borsch" (same + beets), pumpkin and sweet potato. all that can be cut off a piece and give in hand. In general, probably, in connection with the increase in motor activity, the appetite became generally excellent, which the mother is unspeakably happy) But I try to preserve the balance, not to feed, not to impose. I'm against overfeeding

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