It has long wanted to share with you this interesting recipe. Terrine of blue cheese cooked more than once, but always interpret it in new ways, depending on what plan to give this spicy "sauce". This time it is the presence of certain ingredients (and lack of those who are willing to above) and resulted in the composition - as was coined stunning cheese terrine with figs and honey.

I admit, I love these "recipes-designers", when you can easily substitute one ingredient other, regulate their number, not observing strictly, and have a completely unexpected new flavor. For example, I often experiment with so pestoThat we have almost does not leave the table :)

Cheese terrine with figs and honey - a snack that combines the sweetness of honey (by the way, from the varieties you choose will also depend on the final result and flavors), a fig spice and a touch of spicy blue cheese (Gorgonzola or other similar).

Sweet and salty at the same time, a little tart, definitely spicy, but at the same time, very delicate - perhaps this is the best combination of those that I have tried before (with nuts, prunes, herbs, garlic - although they certainly deserve attention).

Prepared in a jiffy! The number of ingredients can be adjusted to your liking. And you can still make cheese terrine with figs and honey, significantly lowering its caloric content using alternative products. I pointed to a low-calorie counterparts - such replacement will not affect the taste of almost, you can safely enjoy, but remember, of course, no one is about the fat blue cheese. Everything is good in moderation!

Serve the "sauce" (I do not know if this is true sauceBecause terrine pulls on a full snack) you can, with what your heart's content: with pancakes and fritters from any meal (especially interesting cheese terrine with figs and honey combined with buckwheat, oats, chickpeas pancakes) dietary waffles, Bread / matzah / crackers / toast, a tortilla, ciabatta and other unleavened bread! Vegetable sticks would also be very appropriate (carrot, celery, pepper). On a secret - you can even have spoons (but it is better not to do so, it is impossible to stop!) :)

Cheese terrine with figs and honey: a recipe


  • Gorgonzola (or a similar blue cheese) - 50-70 g or more to your taste;
  • ricotta* - 200 g;
  • dried figs - 1-2 handfuls;
  • walnuts - to taste (optional);
  • Honey - 2-3 tbsp (Or taste).

*To prepare a dietary option, replace soft ricotta cheese or low-fat Greek yogurt. If calories are not afraid (or cook for the holiday table and want to combat the guests on the spot), together with ricotta put a little cream Chiza.


Gorgonzola cut into small pieces and melt in the microwave a little (sek.20-40). Stir until smooth viscous cream sauce.

Ricotta mash with a fork, mix with melted cheese.

Figs (can be soaked in water minute 15-20) cut into small pieces (not much smaller, and leave larger). Nuts also chop.

Admixed with figs and walnuts to the cheese mass. Add honey and stir.

Ideally, give a little terrine "real» (30-60 min.), But can be served at once.

Again, the number of ingredients can be adjusted to your taste, putting something more and something less.

Приятного вам аппетита!