Theme of sandwiches this summer is just as relevant as ever. I'll dry my favorite bread (grain or Borodinsky) in a frying pan, and then - an absolute flight of fantasy: eggs, cheese, ricotta, pesto, vegetables and even fruits, fish .. mmmm) I can not stop IT there is "I noticed: I do not really want any tasty food (ice cream / candy / pirozhenok / chocolate), but the idea of ​​a delicious bread
Ps Of the unexpected combinations discovered this summer: black (!) Bread, dried on the grill / in the toaster, tender ricotta, honey (although I'm not a fan of honey at all) -wonderful nearby)). Well, the same buters with juicy peaches are also simple. And what are your favorite (from standard and not quite) combinations on sandwiches ?;) # my "Morning Breakfast"

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