Now in the next few days we have a pumpkin Orzotto with pumpkin and pesto-tasty, bright, piquant! You can just boil the pearl barley and mix it with the ready (baked) pumpkin, watering the pesto. You can cook on the principle of risotto (the recipe is on the site;), a little simpler: send the grits in a skillet, without boiling, add broth / water, stir until evaporated, add white 150-200 ml, stir well. When the liquid evaporates almost all, add the baked pumpkin slices, sprinkle with seasonings - thyme, basil, Provencal herbs - on low heat under the lid, simmer minutes 5-7. Serve with pesto (❗️) (the recipe is on the site!) - pumpkin with pesto is a very cool combination

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