Preparations for Easter is in full swing! And now, not today, tomorrow everyone will oven cakes, Paint eggs and, of course, to prepare one of the main delicacies on a festive table - cottage cheese Easter.

Of course, the pudding is the ritual, it is present on the holiday table as a symbol of the Old Testament Passover lamb, and a reminder that the bloody victims of the past.

Since ancient times, when the Sunday morning, the whole family gathered for the holiday table, returning after a solemn service in the church, the same ritual dishes were colored eggs and Easter cakes, it is with them began the meal. After this, all supposed to taste a spoonful of cottage cheese Easter, and only then put on the table the other treats, and began a joyful feast.

Just imagine: from wealthy owners already 48 fed different dishes (the number of elapsed days post)!

It is said there are dozens of recipes for cheese Easter, and even in Russia in different houses prepared it differently - it depended both on the prosperity of a particular family (how many had oil, cottage cheese, cream, eggs) and from the recipe that has been passed from generation to generation and, of course, sometimes changing.

The original form of cottage cheese Easter - truncated pyramid, symbolizing the Holy Sepulchre (according to other sources - Calvary). Traditionally used special collapsible form (wood, later - plastic) - for the preparation of the passover pasochnitsa.

Today, it is not necessary to use it. Easter Cottage cheese can be made in any form that is the most successful approach in this situation.

My recipe curd Easter does not claim to originality, but rather the opposite - it can be called a classic, with the only qualification that I am a little adapted it for yourself (made less sweet, removed some of the butter, which, incidentally, can be completely replaced with mascarpone, the taste will make you happy!).

Curd Easter: a step by step recipe

Ingredients (for 1 pasochnitsu form):

  • dry crumbly cheese - 500 g;
  • sour cream (optimally 20-25%) - 100 g;
  • butter (or mascarpone) - 90 g;
  • сахар/мед/сиропы – 50 г или to taste;
  • vanilla - to taste;
  • dried fruit / candied fruit / nuts - 50-100 of


Cottage ideally through a sieve (this is important, because Easter is a very airy, light).

Oil room temperature (or mascarpone) Beat the sugar / honey until fluffy (* mascarpone work better whisk the cream does not exfoliate - it can happen if the hard beating), add grated cheese, sour cream, vanilla, again a little beat up.

Candied fruits, nuts, dried fruits grind on your own. Enter in the resulting curd mass, stir paddle.

Pasochnitsu set down narrow base, lay a three layers of gauze (at the sides should stay hanging around the edges). Put cottage cheese. When the form is completely filled, cover with cheese free edges of the cheesecloth. From above it is desirable to put a small load to glass excess fluid. Put into the refrigerator, at least overnight (or 12 hours).

Separates the whey must be periodically drained.

When all the excess fluid to drain, to get a form from the fridge, turn onto a plate and carefully disassemble pasochnitsu, according to the instructions. The gauze removed.

Cheese Passover ready. Serve it can be garnished with berries, nuts, chocolate (or cocoa).

Bright your holiday!