If you ever (or once again :) asked the question: "what is there to eat to lose weight", then this cottage cheese biscuits without flour, eggs and sugar for you!

It should be said, this is one of my basic diet cookie recipes: take the basis of cheese, and then add different types of flour (linen - More often), bran, cinnamon or cocoa, grated apple, nuts and dried fruit - all in the mood. Knead stiff dough, wet hand quickly I form balls and ... Vaul - Useful cottage cheese biscuits without flour (gluten) and sugar ready!

Yes, by the way, instead of sugar is most often used stevia (Sometimes I add with it a little bit agave syrup), As well as dried fruits (dates, dried apricots are ideal for sweets).

Calories cottage cheese biscuits without flour, sugar and eggs contain negligible (keep in mind, your caloric may differ due to other types of flour and fat cottage cheese, dried fruits and so on.).

By the way, this cookie is suitable for feeding babies: it is composed of only natural ingredients, no eggs and sugar. And in general to anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle (or just thinking about the first "right" recipes - Dada, not yet out of the oven bread butter :), I highly recommend to take note.

The dough is mixed in just a minute 5 and 25 more minutes, you will need to bake in the oven. Just do not forget to preheat it to 180 degrees :)

Cottage cheese cookies without flour, eggs and sugar: the recipe


  • cottage cheese - a pack (200 g);
  • flax flour - 2 tbsp;
  • coconut flour* - 2 tbsp;
  • peanut flour* - 2-3 tbsp;
  • Stevia / agave syrup** - taste;
  • coconut flakes - on the eye, if desired.

*Of course, the recipe can be replaced with coconut and peanut meal other species (eg, add more flax, and oats, soy, ground to a state of flour bran (especially those that are extruded, with apple / cranberry is also perfectly suited). I think the quality of biscuits It will not be harmed. But the taste, of course, will be different.

**Use sugar (e.g., brown), if not lose weight.


The cooking process is simple to outrageous.

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly with a spoon or spatula. The dough should have a very dense, like plasticine.

Wet hands Form balls slightly priplyusnite their hand (you can also press a bit with a fork, making a mark in the form of "borozdochek").

Spread on a baking sheet, previously laid out his paper and send it in a preheated oven 180 degree minute 25-30.

Творожное печенье без муки, яиц и сахара готово! Остудите перед подачей. Снаружи оно будет немного хрустеть, внутри – нежное (не мокрое, но и не сухое).

Cottage cheese biscuits without eggs, gluten and sugar