Undoubtedly, each family has its own brand of cottage cheese casserole recipe ( "and what does it differ from pudding? "- You might think :). Curd pudding - a surprisingly gentle delicacy that is served in a necessarily cold and literally melts in your mouth.

If we talk about the differences from the traditional casseroles, the cheesecake is determined primarily by consistency: it is the air, like a souffle (in the "dough" is usually administered beaten egg whites). Prepared as a rule, in a water bath (but not necessarily), often based on cereals (semolina, for example), cottage cheese and its derivatives; and the main ingredients are eggs and milk.

It is no secret that the great popularity of the pudding was in the dessert, unlike the casserole, which can also be vegetable, meat, and served as a main dish.

Before proceeding directly to the recipe, I would say also that he I found a blog from one Italian (called cheesecake Italian Migliaccio, it is traditionally prepared during the carnival in Naples :) slightly adapted for themselves by reducing the amount of sugar and proportions in general, and was born on my interpretation of cheesecake.

Curd Pudding: Recipe


  • milk - 500 ml;
  • semolina - 100 g;
  • ricotta (or cottage cheese do not recommend less than 9%) - 500 g;
  • eggs - 3 pieces;
  • sugar (or substitutes) - 120 g or to your taste;
  • 1 zest of lemon / orange - on request;
  • vanilla - to taste;
  • Salt - a pinch.


Semolina to cook, meals mound semolina in a little warm milk. Stir whisk constantly to avoid lumps, bring to a boil. Cook until thick 5-7, cool minutes.

To send Ricotta yolks (if you use cottage cheese, I recommend to rub it through a sieve), sugar, lemon zest, vanilla, mix well with a mixer. Parts enter the chilled semolina, whisk until smooth.

Protein shake up with a pinch of salt until stable peaks.

Gently introduce the proteins in cottage cheese and semolina weight.

Send in a preheated 170 degree oven for an hour (or slightly more). Ready cheesecake will be rosy from the top, middle, as it should be a little shake.

Before serving cheesecake cool completely recommend. Excellently "opens" with berries, fresh berry puree or jam :)

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