A good housewife does not lose anything - so mother always taught), so sometimes (for example, today) we have "forced" pancakes))) Well, though .. as forced, I like pancakes very much! For a long time they were not, by the way (soybean flour + wheat c / s). I remember that in my childhood my mother used to bake them on Saturday, meeting me from school) Or on Sunday: wake up from the magic scent, go to the kitchen, and there everything is ready: the cat is washing on the windowsill, and on the table is a pile of delicate pancakes ... and sour cream, jam, cottage cheese, honey! How to eat yourself in a plate of everything and immediately? It was so delicious! where my 12 years ??))) Now everything is more modest "- for 10 pieces I do not eat anymore, the years take their own)))) (* read: they lie down in grave" circumstances "in" wrong "places *) And now I understand: I had a happy childhood!

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