I've been cleaning up 3 for an hour ... like that raccoon poloskun: I got to the mop and go ... move the cabinets, wash the sills, shake everything ... In this situation, I'm most afraid to wake up on the ladder, re-gluing the wallpaper.
Husband, as is usually the case with husbands)), quietly changes locations (I'm in a room - he's in another, I'm in another - he's in the kitchen) ... And then, to pay tribute to my hard work (* there is no such word, but I'm not a synonym invented "), gave out:" I have such a clever man ... I work all the time, I am washing myself all day, then I'm cooking in the kitchen ... Here I have to correspond: somewhere I'll rinse my cup behind me, somewhere I'll clean the blender "
Ps Risotto with pumpkin, pesto and chicken; farfalle a la "bolognese"

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