In Europe, some very special light, the photo somehow turn out completely different and often do not require treatment.

And we will definitely return to Stockholm! I hope, again on a cruise liner - this, I tell you, is the most comfortable kind of travel! From any city where there are seas / bays - it's just incredibly convenient! Absolutely not tiring (unlike trains and flights), it's comfortable (a sort of house that moves with you: you come home in the evening, eat dinner, have fun, and in the morning you've already come to another place!) - a fairy tale). Inexpensive and interesting! And yet ... the kitchen on board (if you are the same gastronomic maniac for you it is important to eat deliciously and beautifully, so there) - just a masterpiece! Worthy of straight Michelin stars)) In general, if that - I will prompt and describe the details! But if you want, but do not dare to cruise / travel by ferry, then ... always decide! It's worth it right 100%;)

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