Over the weekend, I visited the "culinary fairy" (read - the inspiration :). Made granola (she is in pialki instead of buckwheat and milk)), a cake of "semi-finished" (Tiramisu is est
About granola: there was an experiment with her a year ago or so. I myself, admit, not really her fan. That's honest, better hot porridge, I like the most "pure" tastes. In addition, as already said, muesli and sweet "analogues" of porridge - not mine. But! Sometimes, as an exception, I can) Then, a year ago, the experiment failed ": apparently, it went too far with honey or dried, flakes came out, very crunchy (even hard to chew!) Like glass candies (
Ps And tell us what you plan to oven for the New Year / Christmas? Cakes, muffins, tarts? Or maybe something your "company"), I plan to bake Stoll - RECIPE is on Food-Hunter.ru (the first year he is one of the popular website, reviews devochek☺️) and Napoleon ...

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