Friends, I have great news for you :) If you still do not dare order to independently iherbOr you can not implement it for any reason - a way out! I want to offer my services to help :), and a unique bonus - a discount of 10% or 15% of the amount of your order.

So what does it take to get a guaranteed discount iherb?

To obtain discount iherb in 10%, you must select a minimum of goods to $ 50. Make a list with links and give it to me. Delivery - at the expense of the recipient (by the way, from $ 60 it's free in the outlets of Boxberry). It is also possible to discuss individual delivery terms;)

For example, you choose the goods on $ 55. Handed me a list and address to which the delivery will be carried out. Paid (through Yandex.Money - any plastic card allows you to make such a translation) I was worth $ 49,5 + shipping ($ 3), received from me a screenshot of the confirmation order number / track to track, the approximate timing of the order.

Discount 15% applies to orders of $ 100. Free delivery. The rest of the conditions are the same.

Buy more - get guaranteed discount from me - spend less :)!

PS Friends, sharpen your attention:

MY discount - this is the bonus that you get is not at the expense of promotional products online. This is a guaranteed discount on top of all the proposals offered iherb at the time of order.