Your attention to our conceptual solution - a trendy multifunctional "art object" code-named "daddy, pardon, coward"
And in the meantime # Sonia_cam_enot confidently brings, when you ask her, the bear, the hare, the pussycat, the doll, the house, the keys, the cubes (sometimes you even ask for green, it brings the green ... but not always)), the ball (big and small). Many words are trying to imitate, it turns out, of course, not everything, but tries) Worn with might, imitates us in some actions, knows how to "ring" by phone ("avo-avo")), knows "bring your mother ..." and "take it away father ")))
But we do not yet have a spoon) I know that many have already mastered the year) And your children? What is interesting in 1 year?

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