I see in the ribbon: some people have already come to the spring), but we do not have ... yet ... I must come here one of these days ...) For this occasion, my favorite pumpkin soup and ... beans ... It's very simple: pre-soak the beans (preferably at night; yes, by the way, you can use lentils, but it, unlike neutral beans, has a more spicy taste, keep in mind;), then boil for about an hour and a half (until well boiled). Add the pumpkin cubes (I was frozen), onions (you can pass, but I do not do it :) and cook for another 20 minutes. Then (a little trick), PREPARATION add a small piece of fresh ginger (2 * 2 cm) to the pan, always thyme, salt to taste. Yes, do not salt beans (and all legumes) in the process of cooking, otherwise they will be stiff and not tasty (Be sure to whip the appliance thoroughly with a blender.) When serving, decorate with greens / pesto (well, you already understand it - I decorate everything ALL) / Parmesan / blue cheese, olive oil ... or with cream to serve;) Vkuusno

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