The Imagination of the Eye!
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I resume the heading #MaternalRadio broadcasts)) We went here the other day to a scheduled checkup for doctors. Well, as always these questions-checks: "and what can? but it can?) and where can he climb?)) and show!) how, can not read yet ?? "...
And so I noticed ... All children at this age (well, plus or minus the month) are so different! Someone is running around with might and main, someone else is walking uncertainly ... someone clearly understands more words, someone knows something that just causes surprise!)
Very interesting, share: what your child does / does (or did) in 1,2-1,4 ... Well, here's something that just admired you, surprised or moved ... From an unusual one)
I now admire the admiration of how the children themselves eat a spoon) But we are still dealing with this bad, I can not boast)
Like that Sonya brings toyushki, which she calls, knows / identifies a dozen so sure! ☺️
Knows the names of many products)) Very animated when I say: "now mom will give syrrr" or "we will eat an egg" ☺️
When you turn on the music and start to dance, she also dances

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