Here and at home! Passed more 100 km (!), Eaten (* here about the amount of silence in the hope that these kilometers will be enough to resist centimeters .. on the sides *))) ... And we, breaking the distance and time, burst from the spring into. . Almost spring)) The spring of February is beautiful in its own way: it is already getting noticeably clear earlier in the mornings, it is dry and the sun shines in a different way. They say that February is one of the sunniest months of the year !;)
And the most pleasant feeling is to miss your homemade breakfasts: porridges, pancakes, curds, cheese curds. Straight menus in your head for a week in advance ... And I'll soon have a new cake oven-yet I make preparations for it: the home cream is on the way) )
Good day! ❤️

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