Here we are at home;) Native walls, where everything is so familiar ... and new domochadtsy☺️, so that more unusual. So, like all previous ones, but like everything in a new way;)
• • •
By the way, about breakfast: I got yesterday a cottage cheese from the freezer, which I did not have time to eat before leaving for the hospital), and quickly zabezalala casserole! #eat2slim_zapekanka This is what I need: maybe for some it's not news, but for me it's just # liifhak-oh: everything can be frozen, so the product can be saved from disposal. Say, the same cottage cheese is then perfectly good for cheese cakes and casseroles; I often freeze a piece or two of the "blue" cheese (if I do not want to eat now, but I want to keep it!); homemade semifinished products (made pancakes, stuffed them again with cottage cheese, mushrooms .. anything - and in the freezer, and then unfreeze and then two accounts and - voila - to eat served :); often I freeze the dough, what I do for pizza, for example; Preparations for pasta type bolognese (made meat sauce + tomatoes, frozen portionwise); the remaining cream (if the cake is baked) until the next cake is easy to "wait" in the freezer, biscuits are also stored well. In general, we have nothing to lose, even my mother was surprised by my resourcefulness)) And do you practice this?) Or what methods of saving products do you know (except "cook and eat")?

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