Here won the place at the plate)) (I'm now at grandma goshchu-for those who are not yet in the course)) No, I'm joking, of course: by and large, only I'm here and preparing, but each time I have to "fight" , that to me it is no longer 6, but ... almost))) (* and no, not ninetiethDATE *), that I can also turn on the gas, and already mastered a couple of dishes (except for eggs) (almost without looking in the recipe book)) . Here's the casserole! She did not find Manku (and her grandmother does not want it - she has diabetes), but she found a flax flour (well, pralna: what she brought, then she found)), added only her; protein whipped and introduced separately, well, but sugar, as you guessed, there is no! Dined on the glory! Everyone liked everything, I'm happy! I went to have fun - with mosquitoes I play ..)) while the account 10: 0 in my favor

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