That's before (2-3 years ago) loved to sleep ... well, how I loved it: up to 10: 00 is sacred, and longer it just did not sleep (I never understood how people can sleep up to 12, 13 ... it's very interesting how physically, it works?
With breakfast, I have a story: how to "crochet" on something, so I can only eat a few days (for example, just recently, I ended the "waffle story" - every day from which only did not bake them for breakfast!) , now - porridge ... I have written many times that I greatly respect the porridge for breakfast)), and even if I eat it every day all week (in truth, this has not happened yet :), then every day it will be different: jachnevo -corn, oats, wheat, millet, rye ... - grain, not cereal. Necessarily with a handful of seeds / nuts, sometimes a little dried fruit, sometimes a little grated cheese (or a piece of blue), sometimes with butter, but more often - with different types of vegetable (try adding a pumpkin seed oil, sesame, mustard, sea-buckthorn - this delicious!). Almost always I add a spoonful of tea ground flaxseed (it's flax flour!), Sometimes - a spoonful of homemade peanut butter or peanut flour. I do not add honey, because I do not like the delicious taste of cereal. I almost never cook on milk. Yes, grains I take a little (it also boils down in 2-3 times!): Somewhere 40 gram in dry form. Such my porridge is fantastically tasty, hot, every day is different - a fertile ground for my improvisations;)
Ps And in general we have a variety of breakfasts: and casseroles / syrniki often, cottage cheese, lazy vareniki, pancakes there are different, useful pastries, omelets

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