It was worth it just for my dad to leave for the weekend (* I was looking forward to this moment, a little afraid, honestly, some Sonya recently unpredictable: then I want it, no, now THAT ... I do not want anything at all, and ALL IS NOT, - impermanent ", as it should be a real lady *), so the child seemed to be replaced. And the hand itself crawls, and embraces, and straight sits on your hands for an hour (!) - this is an achievement!)), And myself will entertain ... and cooing me here for days))) And even postponed concerts ... does not))) - in general, though to the wound apply "
And we went with the rain "tropical" today: Sonya was all covered in a wheelchair, and I was soaked to the skin, even under the umbrella. We went to the house, I opened the "wheel" of the stroller ... and there is such a raccoon looking out Frightened, but so ridiculous, you would have seen

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