The harm of fried food on vegetable oils.

Многие ошибочно полагают, что жарка на оливковом или подсолнечном масле резко снижает вред жареной пищи. К сожалению, это совсем не так.

As shown by numerous studies, the use of almost all vegetable oils in this case would harm your health. This is especially true of cooking for children.

In this article, we will examine what specific harm can your health fried food, it is safe to fry without oil, and how to find an alternative to fried.

To fry or not to fry - that is the question.

Today, almost no one doubts that the fried food is harmful to health. Doctors and nutritionists from the screens and only repeat: "give up fried, fried - is harmful and poison." But even I must admit, I am not fully aware that the fry (in particular in the oil!) - Infinitely harmful.

And it's not even here that the oil we eat ten times more unnecessary calories (and in fact many people do not even think about it when pouring the oil into the pan: extra 100 ml This product was added to our meal at least 900 kcal just think about it, almost half the daily allowance!).

Разобравшись в вопросе, я поняла, что все гораздо серьезней, чем просто жир, который непременно отложится на боках. Так в чем же собственно основная опасность жареного?

Why are harmful to fry in butter?

In most species vegetable oilsWho allegedly used for cooking (sunflower, corn, etc.), Fuming temperature lower than the temperature to which can be heated frying pan on electric and gas stoves. Vegetable oils fuming temperature - is the temperature above which the oil starts processes generating toxic substances and carcinogens promoting occurrence of malignancy.

To fuming exceed this temperature, it is not necessary to fry the same oil repeatedly. Depending on the temperature of the plate and the pan when frying can easily reach 250-300 degrees. This means that the oil (e.g. in Olive Extra Virgin maximum temp.dymleniya - 191 ° C) At this temperature the reaction started by the formation of toxins, and carcinogenic, and is simply converted into a poison.

If you still fry it as the most secure?

An important point that should be remembered first and foremost for frying - is the use of extremely refined oil (refining process increases the temperature of fuming). The fact that the unrefined oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and when heat treatment produces free radicals. That they provoke the development of cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other life-threatening diseases, and destroy the structure of DNA.

Therefore, any unrefined (salad) oil suitable for cooking in any way! But many are deeply mistaken about this, thinking that is most useful to fry in oil Extra Virgin.

Remember, when it comes to any unrefined oil, then fry in vegetable oil such harmful.

I think it goes without saying that the re-fry on the already can not use the oil (even if the "as new" it looks). Used, it is rapidly oxidized in air and in the subsequent frying it dramatically increases the amount of oxidation products.

Temperature fuming vegetable oils.

Here are a few species refined oils with a performance of their fuming temperature (say, that these figures are from different sources are slightly different - it all depends on the degree of refining I'll take the average value.):

  • Oil of grape pits - 216 ° C
  • Corn oil - 232 ° C
  • Olive oil - 242 ° C
  • Sunflower oil - 227 ° C
  • Coconut oil - 232 ° C
  • Peanut butter - 232 ° C
  • Rapeseed oil - 240 ° C
  • Walnut oil - 207 ° C

It would seem that everything is simple: fire away himself slowly in olive or canola oil, preventing it from burning, but there it was. There are also here the "pitfalls": fuming temperature oil in principle is higher than that of animal fats and proteins. This means that during frying of meat, fish or poultry, the main part is formed by carcinogens burning of fats and proteins from these products instead of oil.

Thus, as we see the harm of fried food is not only that it is fried in butter.

And if you are wondering: "is it possible to fry without oil", I believe, the above argument has to dot all the "i" (at least when it comes to food of animal origin). Of course, for this same reason butter fry harmful (his fuming temperature - 121 -149 ° C).

Let me just say finally, that you can always find a tasty alternative to frying (whether it is baking in the oven or putting out a small amount of water on low heat). Now I know for sure: whether it be chicken, fish or steak for tasty cooking can be found a variety of ways and variations