I love pasta! But it's not trivial "pasta with chicken", but necessarily "flavored" with vegetables (yes more!), Pesto or just a fragrant oil (truffle, for example), well, preferably with something like seafood? In general, so they played (these very pasta;) All the colors, and all the ingredients in the plate have merged in the ideal tandem - the supply decides everything!)
I remember, during my childhood (in the same 90), I did not even use the word "pasta" when talking about macaroni.) And, of course, they were not accepted as such, but were taken "with a sausage or a cutlet"), In those days, incidentally, I did not like pasta)) And I was always surprised when the children called them their favorite dish (well, what was there to love - stuck together and boiled ... and WITH WHAT), I at that time loved meat "by -French and Olivier)))) But now, imagine, I can admit without a shadow of embarrassment: I love pasta (but the meat and Olivier ceased to love)! As for me, this dish (with a certain serving) is worthy of the most festive tables
Is there anyone here who does not like the pasta?) M?)

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