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Honey - a sugar substitute?

Benefits of honey and its healing properties, you can dedicate a separate article. Now I want to tell you whether to replace them sugar is appropriate.

Of course, low-calorie delicacy honey can not be called (300-330 calories depending on the grade; glycemic index (HI) ranges from 30 90 up units, also depends on the type of honey collection time and pr.faktorov).

I will dwell a little more on the composition of honey: it is known that it contains fructose (GI fructose -19), glucose (GI Glucose = 100) and a dozen of oligosaccharides. The ratio of glucose and fructose (may be different!) In honey effect on glycemic index. For example, some varieties of flower honey (acacia, chestnut) the possibility of lowering the level of glucose (at least 24%) and high content of fructose (up to 45%). And, as a consequence, a lower glycemic index.

So, if you want to lose weight and avoid the "fat" calories at the waist, it is desirable to use honey varieties with a lower GI. Here are some of them:

  • Acacia honey (GI = 32);
  • Eucalyptus honey (GI = 45-52);
  • chestnut, thyme, heather, lime honey (GI = 49-55);
  • Buckwheat honey (GI = 50).

Naturally, abusing such a product as honey with a high calorific value can not (do not believe those who say "do not get fat from honey"; anything that is not in the measure, the harm).

But why not use acacia, lime, spicy buckwheat instead of sugar (honey and require much less, because it is sweeter), adding to those dishes that are sugar-free you, say, categorically rejects (replace sugar for honey in the curd , unsweetened yogurt, porridge, pancakes and cheesecakes ready).

I use honey rarely (mainly syrups) as in ready meals such as cottage cheese sweets I do not add at all (I can almost natural vanilla / cinnamon) - I love the taste of familiar products. As for baking, honey is not recommended to be heat treated. Firstly, when heated to 60 degrees he loses all of its beneficial properties. But it's not so bad. Prolonged heating honey above 40 degree in it carcinogens are formed.

Thus, I can not say that honey can be safely replace sugar in all situations. My verdict: cold dishes - yes, hot - no.

Maple syrup as a sugar substitute.

I want to pay a little attention to this natural sugar substitute, such popular in Canada and North America.

We have, unfortunately, is less common, and the price is quite high (in fact to get all you need to thicken the syrup liter approximately 40 gallons of sugar maple sap). But the more valuable product - instead of harmful sucrose it contains dextrose, easily digestible source of carbohydrates, which increases the body's energy reserves.

Maintaining a huge amount of antioxidants and polyphenols makes this product a truly curative, it is used in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and others.

The glycemic index maple syrup - 55-65. This, in essence, the same as in the above me honey varieties. But, unlike honey rarely cause allergies and has no contraindications and less calories (kcal total 261). According to the content of minerals, according to many sources, maple syrup at times superior to honey.

Also, its advantage is that by heating the sugar substitute does not lose its properties, so it can be used in the preparation of any food (hot, cold, baking and even meat, vegetable).

Вкус – немного непривычен для нас, европейцев. Он достаточно пикантный, можно сказать, пряный карамельный с легким привкусом дерева. Повторюсь, что в составе подобного продукта не должно быть ничего, кроме 100% натурального сиропа/кленового сока (без сахара и прочих добавок). Бесспорно, это отличный вариант, чтобы заменить сахар и придать вашему блюду неповторимый вкусовой оттенок (пусть и не так дешево, как хотелось бы) с огромной пользой для здоровья.