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In the morning it was so delicious - I can not give you the words, the cottage cheese pancakes - my favorite of all the pancakes ever
Recipe curd cake #eat2slim_tvorozhnyi_keks (useful and tasty, baked her husband;) - nizhe⤵️⤵️ ... all he deserves a separate photo and special attention, but ... was eaten unexpectedly bystro
Good morning SAME !;)
# Curd Cake -> Dry Ingredients: flour 180 g (you can take c / z as I; you can 50: 50 with oatmeal, rice, corn, for your taste!), According to 1 tsp. loosened up. and soda, 2 tbsp. with a hill of coconut flour, 2 skimpy protein (if you do not have it, do not put anything on, it will not affect the taste!), 60-70 g sugar (or sahzam to taste), a pinch of salt! All mix the coronals. Next, grind 250 cottage cheese with 2 eggs, add the same 70 ml of vegetable oil without odor, zest of 1 lemon / orange, beat a little, send to dry ingredients. The dough is very thick? Then add a little kefir / ryazhenka to the eye. It should be dense (!), But without lumps (homogeneous and viscous)! You can also add berries in the dough (black currant / cherry, etc.). Form the cake with paper, shift the dough, bake the cake 45-60 minutes at 180 gr. Yes, he rises well. And check with a skewer! ✌️☺️

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