You know, it suddenly occurred to me that here (in instagram) I "met" so many people close to me in spirit, in interests ... and in general people of infinitely interesting and open, that hardly in our gray routine you will meet so much for ... not I know for how long. But from the realization of this, it is incredibly warm to the soul
And now about the vital))
And from the heading #which is always the first time - yesterday I tried ... goat's milk)) no, we do not keep a goat (except me), shop. And, you know, I'm even surprised: if they did not tell me, I would not have realized that it's goat, well, except that the drop is sweeter than usual, hmm ... I was waiting for a more vivid avant-garde flavor! Goats did not live up to my expectations. But they say that it is very useful (there polyunsaturated fatty acids), he cures many ailments! Well, I ... I'll go eat better))) All the warmth in this gloomy day;)

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